Step 2: Start Now

Our goal as your upline is to help you promote to the 1st or 2nd management level right away whether you have the whole month, a week or even a few days left in the month. YOU CAN DO IT! We will coach you to WIN! *PLEASE* Don't try and sign up by yourself. There is a lot of strategy and purpose your upline will help you with and he/she will assist you every step of the way.

Your 1st 30 days is structured with a lot of strategy for your best start. Let us teach you the ropes and you will earn while you learn. We work as a team and want to show you how to be successful so you can teach others the same.

As stated in the start now document after you have gone through this form, make sure you schedule a coaching call ASAP. This call will be with your sponsor and VP. We will cover helping you on verbiage to ask people to join your business, attend your launch demo's and host for you. This will help get you started with more confidence and on the right track!