Step 5: Preparing for Business

We have a simple system that will teach you everything you need to know. You will have the opportunity to LEARN and EARN at the same time. In Arbonne, we learn as we go and do not need to have to know all the answers to begin. We just begin. If you do not know the answer, simply let that person know, there is an answer to that and you will get it and get back to them within a day. This is where your upline will help you. In the process, you learn something new and the next time you will know how to answer that question. In order for you to build these two networks, we must get into ACTIVITY right away and launch your business. This is your training grounds to learn and earn.

Coordinate with your sponsor 8 dates that you can block 2 hours at each time block. Don't wait until next month or when it might feel better to begin. Start blocking times and dates starting with tomorrow and get your business off the ground right away. What you do NOW feeds your paycheck you will receive next month.